Selecting Right Granite Kitchen Countertops

One of the hottest trends in home design today is stone kitchen countertops. These are durable, heat resistant, luxurious counters are beautiful and practical addition to any home. But with all natural and engineered stones in the market, selecting the right one for your home can be quite daunting. It may take your little time but each of these counter material have their own benefits and drawbacks. So it is important for you to evaluate which one is right for your needs.
In this article we will learn about different types of stones that are gaining popularity as kitchen countertops:
You might remember your school chemistry lab where you used to have those large black tables. They were made from soapstone. Today soapstone is also becoming popular in kitchen countertops because of its extreme stain resistance. It is also heat resistant and will not etch. One drawback of soapstone counter is that they are only in limited number of dark colors. It is usually grayish in color but is oiled to black finish for commercial and residential purposes. They are also vulnerable to scratches; however they can sanded to remove nicks and mars.
Limestone is a sedimentary rock with the qualities almost similar to the marble. Generally they are available in neutrals and white, they have smooth appearance, unlike granite which is a hard stone. They are formed from sand and shells and frequently found to have small fossils and shells; some homeowners particularly value this unique aspect of limestone countertops.
When you cook in your kitchen it is certain that the countertops will be left with blemishes so the choice of good countertop is required. To avoid these hassles you can go for granite kitchen countertops as they are heat and scratch resistant. Cleaning and maintenance is particularly very less. It offers durability and lasts long in your kitchen. Happily you can protect your counters by adhering to the simple guidelines that we have gathered for this article.
Best practices for protecting all kitchen countertops:
Never cut anything like fruits or vegetables on your counter without cutting board. Doing otherwise can damage your granite kitchen countertops.
Do not rest cooking utensils directly on counters. Tools like spoons, spatulas, and other utensils should be placed on a dish.
If you want your counter to sustain for longer period of time then constant reseal of natural stone is must in your kitchen. If liquid no longer beads on the surface of your counter, this is an indication that your counter requires resealing.
Do not forget to place protective pads before resting any hot utensil on your countertop. Whether you use trivet, a potholder, or even an oven mitt, be sure to protect your counters from hot pans.

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