Reduce Playground Injuries With Exceptionally Absorbent And Protective Rubber Flooring

As we all know children are more hyperactive and full of energy than before which can have its benefits as it keeping the younger generations much healthier however it can also be dangerous and the need to safer surfaces are increasing. Many more children are having injuries caused by falling off equipment, mainly climbing frames which can seriously affect the children’s body. Much of the time it also due to the type flooring park and school playgrounds have, most made with tarmac or grass. Grass may seem softer and less harmful however there are still high chances of them seriously causing harm to both themselves and others. At RTC you will be able to find a vast range of rubber flooring which vastly decreases the chance of children hurting themselves when they fall.

Many different and creative designs can be made from the rubber flooring from RTC Safety Surfaces; there are a vast range of colours and styles to choose from to create a wonderful and exciting piece of art for the children to enjoy whilst increasing safety. There are a vast range of children’s playground games that are often drawn onto the floor with chalk such as; hopscotch, snakes and ladders or even a race track. No longer do your children have to draw their games on the floor for them only to be washed or rubbed away the very next day. Each of these games, and many more, can be created with your rubber flooring using bright and fresh colours. So not only will you be increasing the children’s safety but also creating a much more fun and exciting surrounding for them to play in.

The design you choose has to be perfect for your children and their age range. For many schools or playground there are different sections for different ages. For the younger children there are simple shapes and wonderful bright colours available which could help them learn, have fun whilst also being safe. For the older children more intricate and detailed designs can be created due to the experience and facilities RTC Safety Surfaces have. Their members of staff will also be able to help you choose the colours and designs that would benefit your children the most. RTC Safety Surfaces will help you to create the perfect design for your children at a budget that suits you whilst keeping the same high quality and durability.
A very popular choice for many purchasing rubber flooring is the wet pour rubber surface. This type of flooring is non slip and is ideal for places where there are large traffic amounts. Wet pour surfaces can be placed nearly anywhere and are ideal for places which are used all year round, such as the playgrounds and car parks, this type of flooring also absorbs the impact of the children making it a much safer environment if a child was to fall.

At RTC Safety Surfaces they understand the need for flooring with a high durability factor as large amounts of children can often create a quick wear and tear which can result in a loss of colour and appearance. This is why the flooring available to you at RTC Safety Services can withhold a lare amount of traffic to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

If you would like to see the type of colours or creation you can have placed in your playground or school yard visit RTC Safety Surfaces today. They aim to provide you with everything you desire for you safe rubber flooring.

There are a vast range of colours, text and designs that be created for your playground, so ensure that your children can have fun whilst also being kept safe.

Essential Items in an Outdoor Kitchen

While the scale of your outdoor kitchen would depend on your budget and available space, there are a few features that are essential to all outdoor kitchens:

– Grill: You can either choose from a charcoal or a gas grill. While charcoal grills range from $80 to even $500, gas grills range from a minimum of $200 to even $4000 or more. The price varies according to the cooking surface and the BTU. Some charcoal grills (especially those in the high end) offer a wide variety of extras including work shelves, charcoal storage areas and auto-ignition systems. Add for the gas grills – even the least costing grill can offer up to 22,000 of BTU with 350 sq. feet of cooking surface.

– Storage Cabinets: You can either choose store bought storage cabinets or have them custom made to suit the decor. Some custom cabinets are made of masonry block and then finished with ceramic. These are durable and weather proof. Of course, the price of these is higher than store bought cabinets, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Other low cost options include modular cabinet systems made from concrete.

– Sinks: This is an absolutely essential item in an outdoor kitchen. Unless you plan to wash dishes in the outdoor kitchen, a cold water supply is enough. Stainless steel sinks are a great choice; they’re affordable as well as corrosion proof.

– Refrigerators: This isn’t an absolute essential appliance, but if you’re likely to spend more of your time in the outdoors it makes sense to install a refrigerator. You can choose from an under counter unit; they’re handy and can be protected from the weather.

– Power: Needless to say, your plans for outdoor kitchen should include electric outlets. You may need them for your refrigerator, kitchen light, cooking etc. Also plan for other supplies including gas lines and water lines. You may also need an outdoor circuit breaker for your electric outlets. Make sure that you are aware of local guidelines for compliance.

– Outdoor fireplace: This may not be an absolute essential, but a fireplace can certainly add style to the outdoor living area. Also, for those who’d like to extend their outdoor time during the winters, installing facilities for cold weather cooking would be of immense help. Gas patios can provide heat up to 10 hours even on high setting.

These are just some of the things that are required to complete your outdoor kitchen setting. Make sure that you are in compliance with all safety and health regulations set by your local administration

Water Saving Tips For Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

Water Conservation is a term loosely thrown around by many and followed by a mere handful of people. Water conservation basically means using water wisely, and in today’s world with grave problems such as global warming, water conservation is the need of the hour. We mustn’t take it for granted and instead be careful how we use water. Everyone must realize the importance of water, as there can be no life without it. This is a responsibility each one of us have, and we must all do our part to conserve water. You do not need to start with extreme measures like collecting rainwater and recycling it for other purposes; you could start with very basic simple things like switching the sink tap off while you’re brushing.

Let’s take a look at a few water saving tips which you could practice in your homes:
In your kitchen:
1. Try and not keep the water running without plugging the sink

2. Turn all the taps off when not in use, there’s no point in unnecessarily keeping the water running.

3. Run your dishwasher once it’s completely full; do not keep doing an entire cycle for just a few dishes. This would help save a lot of water.

In your bathrooms:
1. While you’re performing daily tasks like brushing and shaving, do not keep the water tap running. This will save a ton of water as these activities take 4-5 minutes to perform.

2. Try and cut down on the duration of your showers, showers are a major cause of wastage of water, as we just tend to stand under the shower for minutes at end. Try and cut down the length of your showers, and alternatively try and take a bucket bath every once in a while.

3. If you’re taking a shower, turn it off while you’re soaping up and shampooing instead of just standing on the side and leaving the water running.

4. If you’re lucky enough to have bathtub, don’t fill the tub to the brim unnecessarily bathing pets and babies requires much less water.

5. Also, always check if your bathtub drain plug doesn’t leak, replace it if need be.

These are a few basic easy to follow tips you should keep in mind to lower water wastage in your kitchens and bathrooms. In the next article we will discuss the various tips to reduce water wastage when you’re doing your laundry.

Kitchen Appliances For Improving Your Cooking Experience

You must have seen those fancy cooking shows where the host and the contestants use designer made state of the art equipments for cooking. This is possible now; there are many shops which provide kitchen accessories which can cut down your cooking time. They provide safety and comfort in cooking. There are also nutritional benefits which you get by using them.
No one cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well. This defines the importance of food in your life.

There are many appliances and cookware available in market which can help us in cooking the food. With the improving technology, we now have a huge variety of options to enhance our cooking. There are traditional frying pans, induction pans. Induction based heating has started gaining importance since they do not consume fuel or gas. Their heating can be controlled by a knob. Microwave equipments are also on demand since they have considerble multiple benefits. They can be used for baking, tandoor, boiling, grilling, and reheating.

Non-stick cookware set is useful for reducing the oil consumption in the healthy food. There has been a rise in the number of illnesses related to cardio vascular ailments. This has caused increase awareness among the people towards the side effects of use of oil in their food. Non-stick cookware can cook the food with minimum amount of oil. There is a special coating on the non stick pan which seperates the food from underlying metal plate. This avoids the sticking of the food to the bottom. There are varieties of kitchen appliances as well as kitchen accessories in the market. Cutleries and equipments help us in chopping the vegetables, stirring the food, and handling the hot food.

We have a very prominent impact of the western culture on us. Eateries like pizza, burgers, pasta etc are regularly served in nearby food joints. There are dedicated appliances which are designed specifically for these delicacies. They will definitely make your cooking experience convenient and comfortable. We feel that you should get your hands on some of these versatile cooking accessories.

The Ideal Kitchen Companion

Just about nowhere else in your house do electrical fittings have to put up with more abuse in terms of electrical items being pulled in and out of sockets, and dirt and grease building up around them, than in your kitchen. This is because your kitchen is one of the highest “Traffic” areas in your house and wall sockets in particular will have to put up with far more abuse in terms of things being regularly plugged in and unplugged from them on a daily basis, and thus be more prone to marking and scratching than just about any other area in your house.

Well you could simply opt to use white plastic switches and sockets in your kitchen as you probably have in the rest of your house, and quite possibly currently have in your kitchen. However if you have just remodelled your kitchen and fitted a new tiled splash back or even a stainless steel splash back, then you may well find that when set against this new background your existing white plastic electrical fittings look out of place and possibly a little on the cheap side of things. If you have just spent a lot of money remodelling your kitchen, it is worth spending a few extra pounds to upgrade your switches and sockets to match the new modern look of your kitchen.

These days when it comes to electrical fittings you no longer just have to stick with boring white plastic ones and you will find there are a wide range of great looking metal finishes available on the marketplace such as stainless steel switches and sockets, particularly if you search online for them.

One favourite that I would recommend in particular to use in the kitchen, due to be an extremely hard wearing and very easy to clean, is the use of stainless steel switches and sockets. This is because they are relatively cheap to purchase, and perfectly safe to use, despite the metal exterior they are just as well earthed as the plastic ones are, easy to fit and are readily available. You can purchase them in a brushed stainless steel finish or a polished stainless steel finish, and they are readily available in all common switch and socket formats meaning that you will never have to mix and match between product ranges.

You will also find that more dirt and grease builds up around your switches and sockets than anywhere else in your house and yet with stainless steel it is very easy to wipe them clean.