Why Cooking Classes Are Better Than Going To Culinary School

It may not be as fancy as getting a culinary degree in a prestigious chef school, but cooking classes from your local kitchenettes and restaurants have their own perks. Aside from helping you prepare meals better, you also get to experience the following advantages.

1. You get to know more about the region’s specialties. It’s a sad reality. But a person can live ten years in one place and be a stranger to its rich culture and culinary heritage. Getting a cooking class will expose you to the type of cuisines the locals love and appreciate. And it will broaden your taste palette as well as your meal roster. More than that, a cooking will allow you to find a whole new appreciation of where you are now. It may not be as fancy as French cuisines, but it surely will be delicious.

2. You get to bond with other people. Cooking classes are great venues for socialization. Cooking is just an additional activity you could all take part of. But what most of the participants will do is talk. Now, what is more interesting about taking an informal class is that you not only get to hob-knob with the locales but with travellers as well. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, this would definitely be an exciting and worthwhile adventure.

3. You don’t have to worry about buying for the ingredients and utensils you use or paying a huge amount of money for some lessons. Unlike a six month course, a cooking class is something you can pay on attendance bases. And if they have a schedule, you can just choose which dishes you’d like to learn and what you want to pass up. When you get to the demonstration room, everything will already be prepared for you. And once you’re done, you barely have to clean up after yourself.

4. You get the advantage of asking questions and being corrected on what you’re doing right when you are doing it. Sure, you can just refer to a Rachel Ray segment to learn how to cook specific meals. But if you missed something or are confused with a certain instruction, you won’t be able to address them when you are facing a television. In live classes, you can call forth the attention of the instructor and have him or her guide you one-on-one through the process.

5. And lastly, you don’t have to bother about being late or missing out on classes you like because of emergencies. Usually, cooking classes have a recurring curriculum. So you can just ask when a certain dish is going to be taught again and re-enroll. You could also organize private training sessions on your own or with a set of friends so that you can get the instruction you need at the time that is most convenient for you.

Obviously, there are some advantages to going to a culinary school that cannot be realized by simple cooking classes. But considering the differences in the expenses that would incurred as well as the knowledge that can be acquired, it does seem better to start off the learning experience with a lecture or two.


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